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Scott Miller, a native to Bend, Oregon, started Miller Irrigation in 2003 and has over 15 years of irrigation experience.  Miller Irrigation is a licensed and bonded company that offers top quality irrigation service and uses the latest in water smart technology. Put your trust in the hands of an experienced technician to help you with your irrigation needs.

The following is a list of common irrigation services that we can help you with.  Please give us a call if you do not see the irrigaiton service you are needing.

  • Spring Start Up – We inspect the entire irrigation system and make sure all zones are operating correctly and efficiently. Adjustments to the system are made if needed. If problems are encountered, we can discuss the best way to fix them.


  • System Remodel – Having problems with an existing irrigation system?  We can help you diagnose the problems and improve the efficiency of the existing irrigation system.


  • Irrigation Repair – This service includes anything related to your irrigation system that needs to be fixed.  From broken pipes to valves, we can repair or improve it!


  • Water Feature Repair - We offer the most efficient pumps that have low electrical operating costs.  Sometimes your water feature might need some cleaning or adjustments to get the crystal clear appearance you are looking for.  We have the necessary water treatments available.


  • Backflow Testing - This test is required by the City of Bend to ensure that we have safe drinking water. Miller Irrigation now has three Licensed Backflow Testers.


  • Nelson Horse and Dog Waterers -  Installing and servicing Nelson waterers for over 10 years now, Miller Irrigation can make sure your well loved animals have automatic water 24/7.


  • Sprinkler Winterization– We are a licensed and bonded company that stands by our work.  Let us make sure your irrigation system is winterized correctly to prevent any damage that might occur during the cold winter temperatures.   

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